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I claim this phrase in the name of Webs

Marior asked if we could write a line or two for the teens in “Time and Space”. Nearmiss feels like crap, so I took a whack at it, much to everybody’s delight.

One of the teens says, “Dude, we no longer worship your non-leet skillz.”

Both Nearmiss and Marior asked me what “leet” is, but I’m guessing most of you online addicts know that it derives from “elite” and is usually spelled “l33t”.

I wrote Marior, “The jargon is called leet-speak, and it’s used by online gamers, although it’s entering the vernacular of Generation X-Game.”

There’s my claim: Generation X-Game. The current teen and post-teen skater/gamer/punk/l33t generation. It’s original, according to Google. Now, watch it blossom.

Bonus “Time and Space” news from Marior:

First day of shooting seemed to go off without too many problems. Thank God. I think it won’t look too bad.


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