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Netsurfer and other briefs

I’m working at a good clip, on “Sheep’s End” and on stories for one of Alex’s projects.

Out of the blue last night, I and the principals of Netsurfer received a long e-mail from Arthur. I’m not free to reveal what he wrote, but he did explain what he’s been doing: working on a hardware start-up. The device will hit the market in a month or so.

That doesn’t really explain his total lack of communication, but at least we know he’s not a strung-out junkie. And Arthur reiterated his desire to keep NSD going – although not, it must be noted, for the first time. He’s independently considering the same options I did back in January. (Search for “Netsurfer” in the nifty new Google search form at the bottom of the right sidebar to find those options.)

I have lots going on this week, other than the screenwriting stuff.

I also have some tests and assignments to correct and Child Two is having a sleepover birthday party Saturday night, but the big event is the annual Irrational League fantasy baseball draft Friday night. More on that in a subsequent post, along with a new list of only the finest baseball links.

In the meantime, let me sate your appetite for all things Webs with a photo of Child Three:
Elvi bought that hat in San Antonio, where she recently attended an industry conference.

Oh, and the kids and I will be in Houston for Passover, possibly with the wife, too. And you may find it amusing that we managed to destroy our central thermostat while moving a couch, so the house is alternatingly steaming or freezing for now. We got our newer van back yesterday (the starter had shorted out and burned wire insulation) so a broken thermostat only seems fair and balanced on the consumer karma scale.

It can’t be that hard to wire a new thermostat, can it?

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