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The California years

I have a headache, Child Three is home with stomach flu, and I’m up to page 27 of a total of probably 30 pages finished with all 29 pages of the “By the Book” treatment, so I can afford a blogging break.

In California, Elvi drove a Honda CRX. Once Child One became a reality, we needed something bigger, so I finally fulfilled my dream. I got myself a used silver/gray Honda Civic sedan (fourth generation). (There will be a photo of blog pioneer Justin Hall’s ’88 Civic up there once Blogger returns to full functionality.)

Other than an electrical problem that I had repaired, this car worked like it was supposed to, and that’s all you can ask for. Toward the end of my time with it, a black widow spider built a web under the block and laid her eggs there. That freaked me out.

The left rear corner of the car had suffered damage when an agressive woman rear-ended me as I slowed to turn into the pediatrician’s complex with Child One. She had the gall to get out of the car and yell at me for slowing down on a street, as if I didn’t have brake lights or a turning signal. I got a generous settlement from the insurance company, but didn’t fix the car.

I sold the car in 1997, before we moved back to Montreal. Given what I paid for the Civic initially, and subtracting the insurance settlement and the $700 I sold it for, it had cost me about $300 to “rent” it for three years.

I was going to use this post to segue into the minivan era, but my head hurts too much. More next time.

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