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Avia S-199 in Israeli Air Force Service

Montreal Pillow Fight Club

I attended with Children Two and Three. Child Two had a blast. Child Three left the park and waited in the minivan.

Photos are starting to show up Flickr. You can see me in this one. I have my back turned to the interviewee, right in front of her – I have short hair and the worn black leather jacket. You can see Child Two’s arm in there, too, but more of her shows up as a purple flowered blur to the left in this photo.

Bonus update:

Here’s a decent pic of all three of us. Child Three is trailing me with his camouflage pillow ready to strike. Child Two has her back turned to this camera, too. l look like I’m about to bop somebody.

And there’s a video in which I appear to do nothing more than softly beat on my daughter’s head. Alex (in the New York Yankees cap) gets a face full of pillow almost halfway in.

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