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BlogRolling hiccups

I’ve noticed that a significant portion of the blog links I registered in my BlogRolling experiment are not showing up.

The factor that distinguishes the blogs that are not playing nice is the software they use.

Jane Espenson: Greymatter
Chris Soth, Screenwriting Life, John August, Thinking Writer: WordPress
Artful Writer: Movable Type
Konrad West: ?

WordPress and Movable Type are not obscure, and BlogRolling should, in a theoretical sense, record and note updates to these blogs. Some, maybe all, have RSS feeds, so there’s no reason BlogRolling should skip them. I don’t think BlogRolling should, in the sense of is trying but failing to, be recording updates to these blogs. I suspect the BlogRolling is merely ignoring them. The help forums at BlogRolling are a mess of spam and don’t seem active, and I’m left to guess.

Nevertheless, the service is still handy and time-saving, so I’ll continue to use it. Also, I love those little flags.

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