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One of my favourite jokes

Before I started blogging, my vocabulary was small. Now, it’s big.

I first saw a form of that about a dozen years ago, on a Web site called the Wall o’ Shame. It’s still there – both the site and the joke. NSD covered the Wall o’ Shame on November 1, 1994 (NSD 00.27) and again – to notify fans of the site’s server move – on March 16, 1995.

Good times….

I only have the time and energy to post that joke. I find myself fact-checking an article on what I’ll charitably describe as the paranormal. I know, I know. Believe me, I know. Worse, it’s a 40-page book excerpt. And there are so many mistakes in this thing. Even within its fundamental errors, the text has mistakes – in spelling of names; in definitions; in descriptions.

I’m on page 11, I’ve worked 20 hours, and I have more than 60 sources already. It’s good money, and I’m free to assess this as I feel is correct, but it’s draining. My brain could use a good shave to rid it of the fuzz this crap grows. The loot on this job will buy a lot of razors.

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