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Possible interview

(The Blogger profile is updating now. Go figure.)

This morning, I received an e-mail from the Bluecat Screenplay Competition which asked me if I wanted to interview founder Gordy Hoffman for the blog. It’s free publicity for his contest.

Odd, I thought, but similar e-mails have come in before.

I noticed that the e-mail was addressed to the recipient, which usually means there’s a big list of BCC’d recipients, explicitly or implicitly.

Any other scribosphereans get this? I don’t see what I’d get out of it – some traffic, maybe, but that’s not why I have this blog. It ain’t making cookies, that’s for sure. If someone else is going to interview him, at least I won’t feel guilty about skipping the opportunity.

Speaking of scribosphereans, John August has a brilliant post today on writing scenes.

Bonus comment on Steve Jobs:

In his MacWorld keynote today, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. Fine. But I did enjoy the spunk with which he did it, playing “Lovely Rita Meter Maid” on it, thumbing his nose at Apple Corps, against which Apple Computer won a lawsuit last May. A step farther, Jobs announced that Apple Computer has become simply Apple.

Then there was the first public call Jobs made on the iPhone. As AP (through CNN) put it, “With a few finger taps, Jobs demonstrated how to pull up a Google Maps site and find the closest Starbucks to the Moscone Center. He then prank-called the cafe and ordered 4,000 lattes to go before quickly hanging up.”

Heh heh.

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