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Avia S-199 in Israeli Air Force Service

Time to kvetch

My Dell power adapter has not yet arrived because Dell had none to ship out. The nice central Asian gent I spoke with three weeks ago did not know this, and that’s why he told me I’d get one within ten business days.

The nice southern American lady I just spoke with told me a shipment should arrive at Dell in a few days, so I need to wait a few weeks more. Craptastic.

I’d be more upset if I were more here. I went to bed with a mild headache and woke up at 1:30 with a migraine. I pummeled it with ibuprofen and Dilaudid, but it took three hours before I was numb enough to fall asleep. Now I’m still dizzy. And nauseated.

Bonus publicity for my baby brother:

Here’s a photo of my youngest brother Jeff on a recent visit to Amsterdam:

Did you know that the single most determinative factor of homosexuality is the number of older brothers a man has? Not that Jeff is gay, nor that there’s anything wrong with that.

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