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I’ve returned from the islands to discover that my blog traffic has inexplicably doubled.

Last night, a student in a green dress told me that another student wrote an article on this year’s Online Publication course for the Link, a student newspaper at Concordia. I’m quoted in it – can you guess where?

I spoke to one other student in the class, and she told me the class was a waste of time and that she wanted a more mechanical approach to design rather than what she got. Ah, well. I should teach it next year.

Back to work. I suspect the next post I’ll have time for is a post-draft analysis Saturday.

Bonus befuddlement:

If you type the name I usually use among friends and family into Google, this blog is the top search result – bizarre, because my real name, and my more more official professional name, have never appeared on it. Kinda spooky, actually.

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