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Look away, children

On our last night of filming, round about 1 a.m., we started telling jokes as we shifted lights and cameras for a new scene. This was the best of them:

Two Canadians are playing 20 Questions. The first one ponders a moment, and comes up with “moose cock”.

The second one asks the first question, “Is it edible?”

The first one thinks, and thinks again, finally answering, “Well, I guess so. Maybe. Could be.”

The second one asks, “Is it moose cock?”

That cracked the room up. It’s a good joke, made funnier by the hour of telling.

Saturday night, the wife and I went out with another couple to celebrate the wife’s birthday. The husband of the other couple brought along a cousin from Austria. I told this joke in the car, and all the native English speakers laughed. Poor Ingo the Austrian was left in the dark so Roger, his cousin, translated the joke into German. It started something like this:

Zwei Kanadier, die 20 Fragen spielen. Das erste man denkt einen Moment und kommt oben mit (Here, Roger paused as he sought the right word.) “Elchenschwanz”.

“Elchenschwanz”. We fell apart when we heard that. It’s just so perfect. “Ist es Elchenschwanz?”

OK, kids. You can pay attention again.

DJing again!

I DJed college parties in the mid to late ’80s. I still have a taste for that music, as you know if you’ve read my blog for a few months – any few months, I suppose. You’d also know that my tastes avoid pop in favour of the alternative music of the period, and similar music of the decades following. now lets you embed your own radio station on a blog page. Scroll down to see mine and enjoy. I will.

Decades? Cripes….

Just a small test is dead again. Blogger had a little problem with template changes on pages with Google Ads. All should be resolved now.

My Profile!

This is my profile.

More coming soon!

What I did last week

Last week was a week of preparation.

I built and uploaded the bare bones of the course I start teaching next week, JOUR 519. I modified the old standard Web page I’d been using, which you can see here. I simplified the table-based layout and went to coloured cells instead of images. It’s more elegant, I think – it’s basic, yes, but I have no reason to get fancy.

Alex has decided to hold the official launch of our book – “Avia S-199 in Israeli AIr Force Service” in case you forgot – at the 2007 IPMS/USA convention in Anaheim toward the end of August. All our sales will be person to person or online, and this is a great opportunity to sell dozens or hundreds of copies. We’ve invited Lou Lenart to attend and make a speech. I’ve applied for a travel grant from the Canada Council for the Arts (link broken this weekend, it seems), which would barely cover air fare and hotel fees. I can’t afford the $1,300 or so to get down and stay there on my own and we won’t sell enough books on my presence to make it worthwhile for Alex to fly me down himself.

I got two job offers this week. One is a review of Quebec City tourist info, much like the Montreal piece I finished in January. Quebec City would be a lot more work, as I don’t know that city as well or at all, and the pay would be the same so I declined. The second offer is vague about pay and work, but is essentially a Web site revamp.

Earlier in the week, I had a good, long chat with Michael Solomon (Alex’s producer) and it looks like I’m on board a potential project based on the Jewish War Veterans International Memorial in Toronto. That will be fun.

Speaking of Alex, he has some good news concerning his “Medieval” screenplay. I wonder if/how I’ll be involved. I’ve read several drafts over the last year.

And speaking of movies, I drove by a set on Sherbrooke in Westmount at about 4:30 p.m. yesterday. That’s not so unusual, but what was was seeing former local Caroline Rhea putting change into a parking meter beside the equipment truck. I suppose she was involved in that shoot, but it’s weird that she had to pay the meter.

Bonus fantasy baseball update:

I’ve been bouncing between eighth and ninth place. My pitchers have improved in terms of raw stats, but my closers have been injured (Wickman) or replaced (Torres). My hitters either don’t have jobs (Murton, Montero), have been hurt (Preston Wilson, Taveras, Beltran), or have been sub-par (Berkman, Andruw Jones, De Rosa, Kouzmanoff, Bard, etc., etc.). I have a knack for picking up hitters who lose their spots almost immediately (Pie, and now Lamb). A really good month could get me into striking position, but it’s not looking good.

Fortunately, Frank is solidly in tenth.

.259 batting average (10th)
64 HR (6th)
299 RBI (7th)
35 SB (7th)
3.76 ERA (4th)
1.30 WHIP (5th)
28 wins (7th)
20 saves (7th)

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