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Hockey twists

Child Three is in Novice B this year. So is the other goalie I thought he was competing with. The Novice A team pulled out a dark horse and is using that kid in net.

I had thought that Child Three in Novice B would mean that I’d be a head coach, but for reasons I can’t quite fathom, that didn’t happen. I’m an assistant coach this year. The head of Novice selected one of last year’s Novice C head coaches ahead of me. Really, I can’t figure that out – but I’m not raising a ruckus over it because that wouldn’t change anything and could make things a whole lot worse for the kids. It’s just a label, and it means I don’t have to do a lot of the off-ice crap while still being able to contribute my 37 years of hockey experience.

Still, I can whine here, can’t I?

Bonus Googlewhack:

A Googlewhack is a search term that results in a unique search result: one and only one page in Google’s database shows up as a search result for that term or phrase. (By the way, Elvi and I saw Dave Gorman in Dave Gorman’s GoogleWhack Adventure as part of Just for Laughs a few years ago.)

I discovered that I own a Googlewhack. The nature of the phenomenon is such that you can’t mention the search term on a second Web page without destroying the Googlewhackness, but I can tell you here that the term in question means “moose cock” in German and can be found in 101 here.

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