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Technical difficulties

With layout in place, I decided to move my blog from Blogger to this WordPress thing the kids are crazy about. That sounds hard, but it’s not difficult in theory. WordPress offers all kinds of import tools. The one that interfaces with Blogger, though, requires the blog to be in the new Blogger format, a change I resisted and continue to resist with all my Luddite mightiness.

That’s not the end of the world, since Blogger lets you export the content all your blog posts as one XML file, which you can then upload with WordPress. WordPress reads the code and reassembles the posts. Unfortunately, WordPress will only do that for the new-style Blogger blogs.

Not all is lost. Google provides a little Web-based engine that will convert the old-style Blogger XML file to WordPress format. WordPress should import its own format.

But that has issues, too.

Still, with some perseverance, I got the thing to work. I watched my Blogger posts get imported, but some of those posts weren’t mine. Somehow, my XML file was infected with blog posts from Jennifer’s Just a Stray Junior Mint. I don’t understand how or why either, but it happened in the conversion process.

I had to manually delete Jennifer’s posts from my archive and in the process I discovered that the import process only snagged my posts up to the end of 2008.¬†WordPress documentation tells me that I can rerun the process without duplicating those posts that were successfully imported.

We’ll see.

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