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May means more baseball

My Irrational League team spent most of April solidly in seventh place but during the month’s last week tremendously climbed into a tie for third. My hitting couldn’t be better. My pitching could only barely be worse. This is the first week my team ERA has started under 6.00.

I dropped Ben Sheets, who is struggling and won’t be an asset even if ever traded to the National League, with Carlos Silva, who may continue his fluke run or may revert but in any case can fill in for the injured Jason Marquis.

No one picked up Livan Hernandez. Unbelievers!

How I stand:

.272 batting average (3rd)
49 HR (1st)
177 RBI (2nd)
30 SB (tied for 2nd)
5.70 ERA (10th)
1.37 WHIP (7th)
12 wins (tied 8th)
6 saves (6th)

All that adds up to 48 points, good for a third-place tie and only half a point out of a second-place tie. It’s 20 points behind the current leader, however.

Bonus foreboding:

I still have two posts I want to write, one a summary of the year’s Atom B hockey with plenty of photos and the other a summary of how my Department of Journalism has toyed with me.

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