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Fan mail

Every once in a while, one of my former students will update me on his or life after journalism school.

I received one this week from a student who passed through our department’s graduate diploma program.

With permission, here it is.

Hey, how you been? I’m working here in sweltering Toronto. I have a job for now… at this contest show. I’m also doing a bit of producing work for radio which means I can die a happy lady.

Part of this my work for the contest show is using a crapload of Excel. Your tip sheets for this program are so useful.

On the contest show, we totally use basic HTML in the blogging software we use. Because it’s such a shitty, not user-friendly program, we often have to go in and look at the HTML to figure out what’s wrong.


Letters like that make the struggle to engage my students in what at the time can seem tedious, pointless work worth getting through.

Bonus travels:

I spent four hours in the Bahamas yesterday. I arrived from Montreal, bought something to make for supper, booked a ticket for West Palm Beach, and left without my supper.

I took with a bag of spekulaas cookies, my only food of the day.

Why? That’s still a tale in the making.

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