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That’s a lot of caulk

In a previous blog, we established that my dad hoarded junk. He also hoarded useful items. Elvi was working on the garage, and she came across my dad’s caulk.

She couldn’t believe how big my dad’s caulk collection was. It was massive: enough caulk for three houses.

Here’s a pic of her and my dad’s caulk:

Elvi needs more than two hands to handle my dad's caulk.

I swear this post was her idea.

2 Responses to “That’s a lot of caulk”

  • elvi:

    I found it in twos and threes all over the garage, still in its Home Depot bags, and then the motherlode, ten or more tubes in a box. I assembled it all together and then waited for the next victim to come through the garage door. It was Laurie. “Have you ever seen so much caulk?” I said, and then cracked up, unable to keep a straight face any longer. True story.

  • Ha. That is a lot of caulk. I have a LOT of spackling (for drywall mudding, mostly). Every time I’m with Herb at a hardware store, he insists I need more. It’s ridiculous.

    This weekend, if Pete manages to finish the floors (no word from him yet), I am going to clear out the basement. The cats will probably have to live down there during the finishing process anyway, and there are some junky table-tops I want to get rid of. I’ll keep a couple but throw out the 40-year-old screws and nails that Herb hasn’t already stolen. Then there’s the great garage clean-up of March 2012. And my seeds are two weeks late. This is all relatively irrelevant but I’m at a library in Ellensburg, waiting to handle an, ahem, administrative problem. I lost one of the cats in the hotel, by the way. I was really panicking.

    Finally, as you’ll eventually read on my next blog post, I got a new bike. Yipee!

    Elvi looks cute, as usual.

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