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Cougars on tape

Thanks to Tom, Sony, Naila, FireWire, iMovie HD, and Google, I present to you last Sunday’s Novice B game. Child Three is the goalie with the leaping-monkey style in the white sweater.

First period:

Second period:

Third period:

If you want a larger video with better resolution, I can burn this for you on a DVD. Awesome footage, Naila.

Ice, ice, baby

Child three is a star, an all star! He was selected to be a goalie for the Hockey Montreal Novice B all-star game to take place December 20. If the selection criteria are the same as last year, the team’s being in second place last week has a lot to do with it, but I think he’s deserving regardless.

After a day of snow yesterday, traffic was ludicrous. It’s like this city’s drivers – and municipal workers – don’t know how to deal with snow. Because the going was slow, drivers would grab every idiotic advantage they could and create gridlock as they invaded intersections. It took me an hour to drive home from Child Three’s hockey practice last night, normally a ten-minute drive that time of day.

We had freezing rain overnight. Our front walk and driveway are still under snow and ice because the guy we pay in advance to shovel probably shouldn’t be paid in advance.

Elvi has some photos she took this morning. We kept Children Two and Three home from school because we didn’t want to drive in the mess for a scheduled half day of school. We have to get Child Two out to a theatre near Papineau by 5:00 p.m. for a play rehearsal. I’m not looking forward to that, and I’m not even going to be making the trip. Elvi should leave within the hour in order to get there on time.

$203 later

Freakin’ goalies….

Season underway

Our first hockey game of the official season was a face-off against our fellow NDGers Friday night. We took the first period with some good skating and hard work and started the second with a 2-0 lead.

We slowed a little in the second, but potted a goal to get back a two-goal margin headed into the third, 3-1. I wish that last period had been skipped, though, as our team just stopped. They watched the play go on around them and just couldn’t muster whatever it was that needed mustering. We lost the game 5-3, managing only two shots in the period.

Nevertheless, Child Three played the greatest game of his short life. His legs were flying out to make toe saves, he was always in position, and he stopped his share of breakaways. Even on the five goals he let in, he was doing the right thing. It was a joy to watch – and coming from me, that means a lot.

We played our second game today, against another team, and went into the third ahead 4-1. I counseled the kids, specifically the forwards I had responsibility for, that keeping the other team from scoring was more important than running up the score. The other team, though, suffered the same kind of lapse we had in our first game and we won 8-1 at the final buzzer. As you might expect, Child Three didn’t have much to do. I missed the goal he gave up because I was talking to the kids on the bench, but I’m told it was a quick pass from behind the net to the shooter planted in front of the net. There’s not much you can do about that other than hope you get in the way of the puck.

I can’t yet judge if the quality of Novice B had dropped all over the city as much as it has for NDG, but so far it seems to have.

Bonus evidence that I’m a bio geek:

Child Two asked me if there are any words that end with a “K” sound made by a K but not by the CK letter combo. I thought of “ink”, but then she stipulated that there has to be a vowel before the K.

The first word to come to my mind? Lek.

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