101 Squadron/Israeli Air Force/War of Independence Links

There isn't a whole lot of stuff about the 101 Squadron and the early IAF out on the Net, which is one reason I built this site. Here's a handful of links I've been able to tease from the chaos.

Aces List - A fairly comprehensive list of all Israeli air victories forward from Modi Alon on June 3, 1948.

Major Conflicts Post World War Two - Aerial victories of the War of Independence divided by nationality of the pilot. Dates and plane types, too.

Aeroflight's Israeli Air Force - An unoffical review of the IAF and its history. Some parts remain to be completed, but it contains a basic history of the 101 Squadron - with an atrocious rendition of the original squadron badge. You can also find info on IAF air bases here.

Scramble's Israeli Air Force - Yet another unofficial IAF page, one that focuses on the modern IAF.

The Israeli Air Force - The official page of the IAF.

The IDF provides some brief background on the War of Independence independent of the official IAF site.

Dean's Israeli Air Force Tour - Dean Wingrin traveled from IAF base to IAF base and he recounts his trip here. Of particular interest are the color pics of derelict warbirds, including a Harvard and a Spitfire.

Serge Batoussov's Virtual IAF Museum - Serge spent at least one day at the IAF's museum and got some good pics of the big three - P-51D, Spitfire Mk IX, and Avia S-199. The S-199 pics are possibly the best I've ever seen.

IAF The Legendary Aircraft - Some nice pics, now with text. Most of the historical essays are in Hebrew, but you do get some English abstracts.

Kfir's Lair - A site devoted to the aircraft of the IAF, with an eye toward modelling them.

Machal - Volunteers in the War of Independence - They had to give all the volunteers a name. They chose Machal (or Mahal), which, in Hebrew, stands for "volunteers from outside the country". Makes sense. This site is run by Jason Fenton, a Machalnik himself.

Aliyah Bet & Machal Virtual Museum - A virtual museum you can stroll through.

Young Warrior - Elihu King, the warrior in question, was another Machalnik. Although he passed away in 1994, his story lives on online.