I would love to turn this Web site into a study of the history of air operations in the Israeli War of Independence and of the Israel's aircraft acquisition in foreign lands during and previous to the war. Unfortunately, this is still a hobby, not a job, and I can only work on this in my spare time.

Initially, at least, I have to limit myself to 101 Squadron. Many brave Sabra and Machal pilots flew for Israel in 1948-49, not all of them in relatively advanced fighters. Imagine flying a C-47 Dakota while some guys in the back pass bombs from a wooden rack along a human chain to a bombchucker who is strapped into the door and whose job is to hike the bombs out the plane between his legs, American football style. Put yourself in the place of a Piper Cub pilot who chucks homemade grenades and bottles out the door while he flies over armed enemy troops. Imagine taking an Auster outfitted as a light bomber into airspace controlled by enemy Spitfires.

That said, I do have a life outside the Web - barely - and I need to draw the line. Perhaps in the future I can cover the entire war's air campaign but for now it must remain a quest unfinished while I cover as comprehensively as possible the history of the early 101.