The following have all helped me immensely in building this site, either by providing me with information and pictures, or by pointing me to other sources. It's a cliche, but I couldn't have done it without them.

Denny and Claire Wilson

Aaron Finkel

Mitchell Flint

Giddy Lichtman

Rudy Augarten

George Lichter

Gordon Levett

Jack Cohen and Alan Abrahams

Syd Cohen

Boris Senior

Sid Antin

Lou Lenart

Harold Livingstone

Eddy Kaplansky

Robert Bracken

David Bercuson

Jeff Weiss

Malcolm Laird

Steve Waxman and the others responsible for Israel's Forgotten Heroes

Eiran Harris and the Jewish Public Library

IDF Archives (especially Doron and Shirley)

Alex Yofe

Amos Dor

Serge Batoussov

Stephen Karver

Yoav Efrati

Michael Hyde

Jeff Nyveen

And a special thanks to Dave Gruger and VGO, the company that hosts this Web site. If you need a great webserver host and superb service at an excellent price, give Dave a buzz. At worst, you can decline his deal; at best, you'll be as happy as I.

Also, a special thanks to Cal, Hoss, and ElGato, for their dedication and stubbornness in building, maintaining, and improving the best danged flight sim available for the best danged practical computing platform I know.