Lionel Bloch

South Africa

Combat Record

MIA July 10, 1948


Lionel Bloch flew with 4 Sqn SAAF in Italy in the latter half of World War II with Syd Cohen and Jack Cohen.

Late on July 10, as the war flared up again after the first truce, Syrian AT-6s effectively attacked the northern Israeli forces and Maury Mann and Bloch were sent in two S-199s from Herzliya to provide air cover. They encountered two of the Syrian AT-6s over Mishmar HaYarden and entered combat. Mann shot one down while Bloch chased the other deep into Syrian territory, never to return. He crashed near Quneitra.

Consensus among the 101 pilots is that Bloch shot his propeller off with unsychronized cowl machine guns. Syria honors the AT-6 that survived the combat and awards the aircraft a legitimate kill. The truth will probably never be known.




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