Charles "Red" Nott


Combat Record



There is some doubt that a man by this name ever flew with 101 Squadron, and I have found no squadron member who remembers hm. A few authors do mention him, however, so for now, I will accept his existence on faith.

On Nov. 2, Nott scrambled from Herzliya in Spitfire D-132 to try to intercept the shuftikite reconnaissance flight. He didn't succeed.

On Nov. 19, Ezer Weizman took D-130 on the first Israeli deep penetration reconnaisance mission, accompanied by Charles Nott in a Mustang. They left Chatzor for Ramat david, where they refueled. At 11:50, they took off for Syria. Weizman spent 40 minutes making three passes over Damascus at the assigned 14,000 feet and 220 mph, then made three more passes over Sach el Sacher. The two Israeli aircraft saw neither flak nor enemy aircraft, and landed safely at Ramat David at 14:39. The mission produced excellent photos, and similar missions took place later on.





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