Sunday, September 25, 2005

Are things happening?

All of a sudden, I'm very busy with scriptwriting. I may even make some cash from it.

A small group of TriggerStreet users is holding a non-competitive project. Teams of two people take on a genre and McGuffin and have to come up with a script for a short film up to ten minutes long. I'm teamed with a woman who goes by "Nearmiss" and we have to put together a SF script based on a watch.

Our title is due tomorrow morning, and I only just found out that the teams were sent out Friday night. Thanks for trashing all of Nearmiss's e-mail, Videotron. I just switched the default e-mail on my TriggerStreet account to my Gmail address.

I'm also chatting with a member of the Montreal Screenwriters group about writing for pay. he has a number of scripts partially done and wants to pay to get one completed, so he can shoot it. I think I can get one of his comedies done.

Lastly, I'm on deck for the collaborative screenplay at the Screenwriting Life blog.

And then there's all the stuff I'm doing for Alex. I feel particularly proud of getting his PowerBook back on his wireless network after a Tiger update wrecked the networking scheme. I had to create a new AirPort port under a new name (LN AirPort), delete the old AirPort port. set the port to keep scanning for networks, and created a specific network setting rather than have the computer log on automatically. I have more work to finish for him, as well.

It's going to be a busy week.


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