Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Busy-ness and another mouse problem

I haven't blogged much in the past few dys. I've been busy thinking of 16-year-old girls, correcting assignments, and thinking of the short.

Nearmiss and I took the same initial approach to the notes, that being complete bewilderment at how to handle them. Once we started chatting - well, instant-messaging, my brain seemed to start working. We have a good collaborative partnership: she likes all my ideas. Seriously, my strengths are her weaknesses, and my weaknesses are her strengths. She can't grasp the big picture, schemes like plotting, a cinematic scope, and theme. My problems are emotional investment, crisis, and stakes. We complement each other.

I sent her "Sheep's End" and she is going to see what she can find. I'm open to a partnership. The short is certainly progressing well.

My mouse has started to spontaneously double-click. I don't have another USB mouse to test with - I hope it's the mouse and not my keyboard or Mac. I'll go get another tomorrow, right after I pick up mousetraps. And a bulb for my overhead lights. And a bulb for the torchiere. And a new remote for the VCR....

I found an Orson Scott Card article I'd like to comment on, but that will have to wait until after tonight's Rosh HaShanah dinner. More later tonight. Or tomorrow.


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