Thursday, August 03, 2006


Nugget 1: There's a DNS issue out there. Many but not all Videotron users cannot access with the domain name, but the IP address-based URL works fine, as does FTP. I myself can get to every other site I've tried, and Elvi can get to the domain name from her office. Traffic to the 101 blog seems unaffected elsewhere. This has been going on close to two days.

I've heard of other people having trouble with other sites as well. I suspect that there's a significant DNS problem at one of the core DNS routers, and that's what Videotron tech support tells me, but I can't prove anything. If so, a fix should propagate through the DNS network soon.

Nugget 2: I finally got to write some yesterday and finished the first seven pages on the first draft of "By the Book", which I think I will retitle "The Book of Trey".

Nugget 3: The man called "Gefen" in the 101 Squadron letter of apology I posted below is Aaron Finkel. For at least part of his service, he told me, he went by the Hebrew name Aharon Gefen. Gefen means grapevine, as in "boray pri hagefen" (creator of the fruit of the grapevine), part of the Jewish prayer of alcoholic consumption. You can't make this stuff up.

Nugget 4: Brian Chersky sent me photos of his 3/4-scale T-51 (P-51D replica). He admits he "took a few liberties" with the paint job and oversexed it a bit, but it's still a sweet Mustang.


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