Tuesday, August 08, 2006


There's not much to blog about recently. I continue to do research fror Alex and for Reader's Digest. I will have to talk to Jeff Rosenthal, which is a lot more fun than the paranormal. He's a lot like me, except smarter and more industrious and taller.

I devote three classes of JOUR 319 (Computerized Data Accessing) to teaching innumerate journalism students how to understand statistics and graphs. Rosenthal is a professor of statistics who often writes and teaches for the lay audience, and some of his ideas are worth stealing. I love his use of playing cards to demonstrate the importance of understanding P in statistics.

In spec work, I'm up to page 15 of "The Book of Trey", the equivalent of page 4 in the treatment. That ratio, which I just looked at for the first time, heartens me. It's more or less just right for a 33-page treatment, maybe a bit long at 123 pages. That will drop with a polish. The writing is going smoothly. The only annoying thing is that I'm having trouble with maintaining voice. It's frustrating, but again is something I can easily fix on a polish.

Oh, "Sheep's End" won't win the Nicholl this year. Shocking.

I have continued collating documents left over from my summer 2000 trip to the IDF archives and I discovered I have complete flight records for 101 Squadron from August 8 to December 31, 1948. That's cool, but it's the period from May to July that I'd really like to have. The flight records shed no light on the previously mentioned dust-up at Tel Aviv, unfortunately. The squadron's only flights on the morning of September 29 were a local Piper Cub with one passenger doing circuits and two flights by Spitfire D-130, a test hop and a photo recon of the area near Dan.


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