Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Updates on the downswing

Boy, I'm tired. Those three days in Toronto cost me me more in time than I thought they would. I've been pedaling hard to catch up. I think I'm there, course-wise. I'm slightly behind where I want to be with Reader's Digest work, but a day at it Thursday will bring that up to speed, I hope. I want to turn in a report Friday, but Monday wouldn't be the end of the world.

Of course, what suffers is writing. But there's still some ongoing news there. I'm writing a logline and synopsis for Robert the Director. He's read and given notes on "72 Virgins", and he likes the story and dialogue. he says if we spice up the visual setting, he may want to film it. There's your scoop. You know before my co-writer does.

The meeting with TP (The Producer) was postponed a week because of his crazy schedule, so no news there. That continues to look promising nevertheless.

And to end with bright notes, my range of motion in my shoulder is definitely increasing as I work through my physio. And with six, possibly seven, days to go in the baseball season, I'm in a practical three-way tie for first in the fantasy Irrational League. Go Odalis!


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