Friday, January 19, 2007

Crossing the fine line

I've had the opportunity to get out of the house over the last two days, and I used it to run some errands.

Yesterday, I went to the journalism/communications Learning Centre, which maintains boxes for each professor where they can deposit papers for students to pick up. My box was missing. It was there in September, but no big deal - I was able to get a new box and put the corrected papers and quizzes in there.

Next, I went to get my glasses fixed. Somehow, I'd lost a nose rest. I don't know how long ago this happened, because the glasses were comfortable enough without the missing nose rest. I went to the Greiche & Scaff in the Cavendish Mall, where I bought the glasses. Why the free plug? They gave me and installed a new pair of nose rests without charge.

I also took in a poster to be mounted. Alex Y. gave me a copy. It's a painting by of the final battle of the Israeli War of Independence.

Today, I bought a Y-adapter for a disk-drive power cable and some insulated ring tongues. I already had a 933 MHz G4 CPU, heat sink, and fan in a box. And a 533 MHz G4 Mac that's starting to creak.

I'm going to attempt major surgery to install the new CPU. It should work, but it's not trivial.

There is, as David St. Hubbins told us, it's such a fine line between stupid and clever.

If all goes well, expect to hear from me sooner than otherwise.

Bonus changing of my mind:

Forget about Troy Hurtubise. Go look him up in Wikipedia if you must.


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