Monday, February 12, 2007

Americans, watch "Studio 60" (again)

This week's episode is an enthralling take based on, well, filler. The point of the episode is, I suppose, backstory on Matt, Harriet, and Luke, but the focus is on Matt and what might be his entry into a death spiral. The show tells the story in two timelines, past and present, and it does so engagingly.

Jordan gets some nice side bits, too, with Danny and with that blonde network lady whose name I'm too lazy to find.

Bonus computer update:

I went at the power supply fan with a brush and some WD-40. I got the fan working again, but only for a day.

The nice man at Microscott, a shop I recommend highly, says he can replace the fan for $35 (Cdn) labour. That beats $200 (US) for a new power supply.


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