Friday, May 11, 2007

Chicken head

Found and reattached, at least for the weekend.

Wednesday, I attended a production meeting at Alex's and met our DOP, Mark Adam, for the first time. Nice guy. We set the shooting schedule, and I got a handful more work to do there and in ensuing e-mail conversations.

Thursday, I attended a gathering at the NFB. Representatives from BravoFACT (Which is the agency funding Alex's short), the Canada Council for the Arts, and the NFB's Filmmaker Assistance Program talked about funding shorts.

A year or two ago, I thought it might be a good idea to take a swing tune from the Disciples of Ursula Big Band and create around it a flight video made of mechanima (animation using video games). The thought simmered, and I wondered if I could get funding for a legitimate 3-D animation. My idea right now is to use a chunk of my "101" screenplay, polish it into a standalone story, and use it as a calling card. The band wins, I win, and the whole world is richer for it.

There's only one problem. Writers don't matter and almost certainly won't get funded. I need to sell a producer on this.

Mark has directed dozens of BravoFACT shorts, and a feature. I'm hoping to throw my idea against him and see if it's sticky. He's an airplane nut, too.

Back to Alex's story.... You can see some of my work online. I was sent to scout locations in the Plateau area. Alex's preferred choice may not work with respect to the time we have to shoot and the height of the sun in the sky. If you want to take a look, you can see my craftsmanship here. Beware, phone-modem users, it contains 15 photos of about 2 MB each.

You know, someone industrious could upload those photos to Google Earth....

Bonus pet update for Joy:

We lost the last fish today. We are now a mammal-only household, with the exception of some insects and other arthropods. We have a few too many mammals, in fact. We discovered more mouse droppings behind the television cabinet.

Break out the traps!


Blogger Joy Nyveen said...

HA. y'all might not want to advertise the whole "mouse droppings" thing... btw i finally found the purple lizard key chain of yours, the one i used at xmas; ill drop it off this weekend. and lastly, yeah, it-was-so-not-a-date :-)

May 12, 2007 4:00 PM  

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