Sunday, November 11, 2007

Party all the time

Whew! I have a moment, and wireless access, so why not greet you, my adoring public and those of you who arrive as a result of fetish Web searches.

I'm playing the role of stage dad at the moment. Child Two was plucked from acting-class obscurity to spend a day as a supporting character in a Web video project bound for equal obscurity. Still, this skeleton crew did get Telefilm funding, so that's a solid single up the middle.

I read synopses and pitches and wiggled my fingers and produced notes, for Alex and for Robert the director. I had planned to do that earlier in the week - I had Wednesday afternoon blocked off for this. Something, however brought down a utility pole two streets over. I'm not exactly sure what - I've told some people a car hit it, other people that a tree took it down. Regardless, it snapped in half. We lost power for three hours in the afternoon, starting literally as I wrote the first sentence of my notes.

We got power back in time to make supper and for me to meet with the two other head coaches of NDG Novice B hockey - more on that later - to sort the kids into teams.

That done, the power went out again so I went to bed.

The next day, I drove by the fallen pole, which you can't see here. The pole was between the middle two trees on the northeast (or plain east in Montrealese) side of the little park.

The repair crew installed a new pole, but instead of transferring the wires and insulators and whatnot to the new pole, stapled/strapped/glued the top half of the old pole to the new one.

And people wonder why our streets crumble and our overpasses collapse. I'll try to get a photo.

Thursday, our friend the Laird Easson came for a visit on his way to his United Kingdom estates. He stopped off chez nous to go to Elvi's convocation Friday. She received her Master's of Engineering degree. I couldn't attend as I taught Friday afternoon, but I went to the party that night.

My Metallurgically Inclined Lady Friend (no one has commented on the abbreviation of that, my recently oft-used phrase) celebrated a wee bit too much and spent most of Saturday in bed. Like a trooper, however, she climbed from the brink of the grave and went with me to Dave's house. Dave is an old friend who has pretty much nothing in common with me, with the exception of my late uncle and the Hoodoo Gurus - remind me to tell you of our road trip - so we greet each other warmly when we meet and then we don't speak for years.

We had fun at Dave's, and I met many faces from the past.

Tonight, I play hockey (yes!). Tomorrow night, I attend a meeting of coaches. Tuesday night, I go out with journalism students. Wednesday I pick up hockey uniforms. Thursday I go out with screenwriters. Friday is a hockey practice and we have our first games Saturday and Sunday.

Party all the time.

Bonus simmering rage:

Yeah, it's still there. No, it's not directed at any individual. Yes, it's going to come out in a rant, but not today.


Blogger Naila J. said...

Ooooh rage... I think you're taking it out on me in Scrabble. I'm glad you're coming to the 5 a 7 :D

Also... anything hockey-related is good, so in my opinion, you're going to have a fun-filled week!

PS: I only noticed the abbreviation once you mentioned it. And now that I have, let me comment on it.


November 11, 2007 6:46 PM  

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