Monday, January 28, 2008


One thing I forgot to mention about the weekend was that we hosted two sleepover guests Saturday night as a babysitting favour to some friends.

Sunday morning, the baby (she's three, I think) got into some of our kids' paint in our basement and went into our bathroom to wash it off. Our sink and towels turned purple, but it's water-soluble paint, so there's no real damage. There is, however, a mystery.

In that bathroom, we keep one of those small bottles of liquid soap with a pump dispenser. We discovered the pump part, but we have no idea what happened to the bottle or the soap that had been inside it. I wonder where she cached it. It's another house mystery, like why our dryer will blow a fuse every few months, or why the hall lights work and then don't, or where the heck those flies are coming from.

I don;t think I've mentioned the flies. Early last fall, our home became home to a species of fly. They look like standard black houseflies, only they are smaller and slimmer.

Strangely, for our climate, this population of flies is living through the winter. They survived even our absence for two weeks. We have no idea where they are breeding or what is sustaining them.

We had some guesses. I thought they may have arrived and survived in the dog food bag, but I kept that outside long enough to freeze any larvae to death and it did not affect the flies (although, they could, I suppose, have re-infested the bag). They chinchilla poop is too hard and dry to host insects, but the rabbit and guinea pig also left the house for those two weeks and the flies were as numerous as ever when we all returned, which rules their (and our) poop out.

The flies seem to cluster around the kitchen and "library" (actually a room-sized closet). There are no foul smells that might indicate where they are breeding - which, along with the five months this has been gong on, rules out a dead animal host.

The flies seem to have a taste for sweet rather than, say, feces, but we haven't seen any evidence of maggots near any food. The flies seem oblivious to our pantry. At least they don't hide our soap.


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