Saturday, March 08, 2008

A return to young adulthood

One of the bonuses of working on this TV project is that it gets me out of the house and into my old stomping grounds. I lived in the Plateau neighbourhood from 1990 to 1993.

I found out yesterday that one of the writers I've been working with worked on "Sweating Bullets", a show I watched when I lived there, beside the old location of Coupe Bizzarre and above what used to be a Portuguese pastry shop.

"Sweating Bullets" was popcorn TV about a couple of private eyes in Florida - sort of a less expensive "Moonlighting" with more bikinis. The show was saved by fun writing and a determination not to reach further than it could provide. It stayed light-hearted, funny, and warm amid the tropical shirts, drug-runners, and cliches. It embraced the cliches, which was helped by the Mexican and Israeli actors hired where the production shot. At a time when few shows made me sit down and watch ("Seinfeld", "Mad about You", "Cheers", "Star Trek: The Next Generation", "The Kids in the Hall", are the others I can remember without looking them up), "Sweating Bullets" drew me in, occasionally with an actual bowl of popcorn.

Here's the first sixth of the pilot. The show was called "Tropical Heat" in some markets for reasons I don't know. You can watch the rest at YouTube as well.


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