Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nature makes the call

I had two things to do today: a barbecue lunch at a friend's place and a pick-up game of softball among a group of NDG T-ball and baseball parents.

The two events overlapped, but the bruising rain made the decision for me. At least at the barbecue, I could stay inside. I'd probably have been the only person standing in the rain at the field if I'd gone to softball, but for a while I was also the only guest at the lunch party. In fact, when I showed up I became uncertain I had arrived on the right day.

But I did, and my gracious, impeccably planning hosts had some non-barbecue good eats on offer. few of the invited guests showed up, leaving more of that delicious feast, especially the coconut curry shrimp, for me.

Elvi and Children One and Three are now home, and two of them have ordered me to regrow my goatee. That answers that. I took home some of the excess food from lunch for them.

Bonus observation:

The more I watched "Corner Gas", the more I love it. My DVR has for a while been recording all the episodes that appear in syndication on WGN. These episodes are cut somewhat from the original broadcast, but it doesn't seem to hamper my appreciation. I especially enjoy when the show breaks the fourth wall. I imagine the writers sitting around, making fun of something they just thought up - and then they put they're own observations into the characters' mouths.


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