Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blinders and bombs

The tiff in Gaza, I needlessly write, enflames passions.

The Gazette today published a letter from a reader that I couldn't let rest. In "Claims aren't facts", Naved Bakali chastised an earlier letter-writer who, he says, "states uncorroborated claims and passes them off as facts" - referring to the claim that Hamas stores weapons and ammunition in schools and mosques.

Bakali asks how the earlier writer could "know that Hamas stores weapons in schools?" He implies you have to live in the area to have an informed perception.

It only takes a miniscule effort to find your proof. It's so painless even I could do it.

This YouTube video shows Hamas soldiers launching mortar bombs beside a school and storing the mortar inside that building when done. Granted, it's more than a year old, but I don't think Hamas tactics could have changed too much since this was recorded.

Blow a bit of virtual dust away and you can also find these, which are from this most recent conflict. They show mosques hit by a bomb or missile and the subsequent secondary explosions as ammunition stored inside the buildings explodes.

Whether or not you agree with the tactics and strategies on either side, the facts are plain to see - unless you're either willfully ignorant, or incompetent.


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