Sunday, March 22, 2009

Patient status

As I related recently, my father and I took down some extra foliage: "Our intention was to remove one casuarina tree but physics got out of hand. One major branch took out the pride of the papaya trees on its way down. The base of the papaya tree split like a dropped watermelon. We tied the papaya with rope to return it upright and used electrical tape and soil to seal the split trunk and protect the spongy exposed innards. I have little hope for our patient, but recovery is not impossible."

You can see the fallen papaya in this photo. It's the straight gray trunk in the foreground, parallel to the ground.

My father writes with news of the recovery. The prognosis is good. Eight days post-op, our patient is sprouting new leaves and has already produced some hefty new fruit.

In the first shot, you can see our electrical-tape bandage and the loop of the rope that is keeping it upright.

Bonus hockey update:

Our boys played two decent periods of hockey last night but couldn't make up the two-goal hole they dug themselves into in the first. We lost 4-2 and play again this morning. We need to win to force a rematch with our NDG rivals in the finals.


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