Monday, May 04, 2009

On the eighth day...

...Webs decided he should call the doctor on the ninth day.

I woke up feeling great, so great that I decided to walk the four blocks to the garage that repaired my van's axle and gave it a tune-up and surrender $1,469 with a smile on my face and a dog by my side.

When I got home, the effort hit me and I've been feeling as bad as I have with this whatever since I came down with it. I conked out around 5:00 p.m. and slept two hours but that didn't help.

I know I promised you faithful readers a torrid tale of chinchilla romance but that will have to wait because today was our first add/drop in our fantasy-baseball Irrational League. I picked tenth, because I finished April in first place. My stats:

.273 batting average (3rd)
38 HR (3rd)
156 RBI (3rd)
15 SB (9th)
3.90 ERA (2nd)
1.29 WHIP (2nd)
9 wins (tied 8th)
18 saves (1st)

That gives me 56.5 points and a lead of two points, down from nine mot too long ago. My only serious injury is Chris Carpenter and to replace him today I picked up Chad Gaudin (and dropped Josh Kinney). I had wanted Joel Pineiro, but he was snagged by the second-place team.

The lack of wins I expected but the lack of stolen bases is disappointing, and the only surplus I have is my three closers. It's time to talk trade.


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