In costume

We’ve had no contact from the other stage dad, but here’s a snap I took on the second day of shooting, to finish off Child One’s disposable camera. Left to right, that’s Children Three, One, and Two – and it’s a very rare photo of Child Two without a genuine smile. And an equally rare photo of Child One with a genuine smile.

Note the ultra-modern footwear on the girls. The costumers had no shoes for the older girl (either actor*) and the shoes for Child Two gave her blisters. They’d have gone barefoot, but the sandpit contained scattered broken glass. The result? The kids were carefully shot from mid-calf up, although the father often lifted the properly shod boy into his arms. I’ll be looking for flashes of sandal, though, when this finally hits the air.

* When did the term “actress” fall from favour, anyway?

Calling off the ACTRA dogs

Josa called me yesterday, to offer a deal. The production wants to pay my children through her rather than go through arbitration with ACTRA. The pay is the same – they surrender, essentially – but the producers don’t like ACTRA chomping at their throats.

I called S at ACTRA to get her take on it. S explained how difficult a time she has had with the producers. She says that even getting the standard documents from them is like pulling teeth. These producers are exceptionally pig-headed, and S even said that they hate her.

Wow. Strong talk.

S was willing to let things go as Josa suggests. I think it will be best for all involved, especially since S stands ready to take up the fight again if necessary. I ought to buy her flowers for her perseverence. My kids aren’t even in the union.

Josa was supposed to call me again today to finalize matters, but a few days more won’t matter.

Bonus coverage:

Tonight was the last night of summer hockey. Here’s what we look like after a game:


We bid adieu to Jojo the guinea pig before supper. He was a fine animal who we thought would leave us earlier this summer. He was not at all well, but had since recovered in activity, although he never gained back the weight.

He was laid to rest under the crab apple tree, next to the late hamsters Matzahball and Droplet.

Child Two is sad.