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Avia S-199 in Israeli Air Force Service

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In costume

We’ve had no contact from the other stage dad, but here’s a snap I took on the second day of shooting, to finish off Child One’s disposable camera. Left to right, that’s Children Three, One, and Two – and it’s a very rare photo of Child Two without a genuine smile. And an equally rare photo of Child One with a genuine smile.

Note the ultra-modern footwear on the girls. The costumers had no shoes for the older girl (either actor*) and the shoes for Child Two gave her blisters. They’d have gone barefoot, but the sandpit contained scattered broken glass. The result? The kids were carefully shot from mid-calf up, although the father often lifted the properly shod boy into his arms. I’ll be looking for flashes of sandal, though, when this finally hits the air.

* When did the term “actress” fall from favour, anyway?

Calling off the ACTRA dogs

Josa called me yesterday, to offer a deal. The production wants to pay my children through her rather than go through arbitration with ACTRA. The pay is the same – they surrender, essentially – but the producers don’t like ACTRA chomping at their throats.

I called S at ACTRA to get her take on it. S explained how difficult a time she has had with the producers. She says that even getting the standard documents from them is like pulling teeth. These producers are exceptionally pig-headed, and S even said that they hate her.

Wow. Strong talk.

S was willing to let things go as Josa suggests. I think it will be best for all involved, especially since S stands ready to take up the fight again if necessary. I ought to buy her flowers for her perseverence. My kids aren’t even in the union.

Josa was supposed to call me again today to finalize matters, but a few days more won’t matter.

Bonus coverage:

Tonight was the last night of summer hockey. Here’s what we look like after a game:


We bid adieu to Jojo the guinea pig before supper. He was a fine animal who we thought would leave us earlier this summer. He was not at all well, but had since recovered in activity, although he never gained back the weight.

He was laid to rest under the crab apple tree, next to the late hamsters Matzahball and Droplet.

Child Two is sad.

Wikipedia referrals

After an initial bump of traffic to via Wikipedia, the number of visitors has leveled, more or less.

Wikipedia is now responsible for 28% of visitors who come through another page, the top referrer to the site.

Bonus toenail coverage:

My toenail hangs on bravely at the right side of my big toe. It pivots like a little Dutch door.

Airplane weekend

My dad, Children One and Three, and I spent Saturday at Air Show Ottawa. This show had a small gathering of re-enactors, which was the highlight for us. A half dozen Canadians in jeeps, a Universal Carrier, and a 6-pounder took on fewer Germans with a PaK 36.

The cool part was later, looking up close and personal at the equipment. Child One and I took a “ride” on Bofors, and targeted a CF-18 that was buzzing the airfield. I only mildly embarrassed myself when I asked about a gun I thought was a long 75-mm gun. It was, in fact, a 17-pounder (which has a calibre of 76.2 mm). Oh, the shame….

Last night, the wife and other child joined us to sleep over at her cousin’s home, not far from the show. We visited the Canada Aviation Museum on the way home. It was much less impressive than it was three years ago. Although the second building is complete, it i closed to the public, and public access to the older exhibition room has been halved. At least the boy seemed to appreciate it.

Now, I’m off to catch up on work, and to continue editing yet another Netsurfer Digest for an ungrateful world.

Josa’s angry

I have heard nothing from ACTRA, but Josa called to chew me out. The producers are angry, and have vented their rage at her.

Josa is the source of all of this, so rather than have me remind you of that a dozen times, just keep that in mind.

The producers claim that my kids should never have had speaking parts and should never have qualified for more than background pay. The producers blame the kids’ expanded role on miscommunication with the Chinese director and crew – and, I assume, by extension on Thom the 1st AD. Regardless, that’s not an issue my kids, Josa, or I need to compensate for. That’s an issue the producers need to solve in-house, possibly by being on-set.

Josa was angry because she claims I went over her head to ACTRA. She says I should have come to her with the problem first, written an e-mail or called. She has a point. I did go over her head. I pointed out to her that I did complain about the classification and pay when I spoke to her last week about the $100 per. In her mind, that was not enough, and I should have pressed the issue. I thought I had….

Josa claimed I was putting my kids’ careers in jeopardy. It was a version of “you’ll never work in this town again!” “Careers?”, I thought. She asked if the kids were still interested in the lessons, but not so much as a saleswoman as in an implied threat.

We spoke for a while. The conversation started acrimoniously, but by the end we understood each other’s positions. She was angered by the heat the producers put on her, and she needs to maintain a working relationship with them. I rocked the boat, too hard in her opinion. She thought all had been settled when I agreed to the $100 payments. I thought I had made clear that I and others thought he children deserved more.

As it stands, the children will get actor pay, but may not get a credit. Considering that actors need to pay dues to ACTRA ($350 a year) once they accumulate four credits, the result may be the best possible outcome.

“Sheep’s End” goes up

Just finished wrapping up a few misplaced scenes and adding a bit more emotional tension. Time for some readers. It goes up on TriggerStreet tonight.

Get my motor running

We’ve heard from the garage. They will replace the faulty engine for free. I didn’t speak with the people there, but I’m told that a bolt fell out of a head and destroyed the engine. That’s not really supposed to happen, I guess.

Wikipedia footnote and

Believe it or not, doesn’t quite match in visitors. Nonetheles, I still track visitors, mostly to learn how they come to find my site. Webring has been a winner so far, but in addition to sprucing up Wikipedia’s Avia S-199 article, I also planted my URL in the articles for “Supermarine Spitfire”, “1948 Arab-Israeli War”, and “Israeli Air Force”.

After only one day, visitors lured to my site from Wikipedia already make up more than a quarter of all my visitors who visit through links. They arrived primarily from the “1948 Arab-Israeli War” and “Supermarine Spitfire” articles, which now rank one and tied for second in referrals. I thought this might happen – I saw a big bump when some kind soul mentioned my site in the Wikipedia obituary to Ezer Weizman earlier this year.

I’m going to keep an eye on this. If traffic stays high, maybe I’ll find the motivation to finish converting my site completely to CSS format, and finish the pilot biographies.

Hot chick pwns flight-sim geeks

The eponymous Crystal, of the Midnight Therapy with Crystal blog, was invited to AGW flight-sim bulletin board (see link in the right sidebar). Aanvil is a poster there, and he made Crystal mad.

I, for one, welcome our new hot-chick overlord.

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