Airplane weekend

My dad, Children One and Three, and I spent Saturday at Air Show Ottawa. This show had a small gathering of re-enactors, which was the highlight for us. A half dozen Canadians in jeeps, a Universal Carrier, and a 6-pounder took on fewer Germans with a PaK 36.

The cool part was later, looking up close and personal at the equipment. Child One and I took a “ride” on Bofors, and targeted a CF-18 that was buzzing the airfield. I only mildly embarrassed myself when I asked about a gun I thought was a long 75-mm gun. It was, in fact, a 17-pounder (which has a calibre of 76.2 mm). Oh, the shame….

Last night, the wife and other child joined us to sleep over at her cousin’s home, not far from the show. We visited the Canada Aviation Museum on the way home. It was much less impressive than it was three years ago. Although the second building is complete, it i closed to the public, and public access to the older exhibition room has been halved. At least the boy seemed to appreciate it.

Now, I’m off to catch up on work, and to continue editing yet another Netsurfer Digest for an ungrateful world.

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