Unusually high rankings

Saul noticed that a Google search for his film company turned up an old reference to the then unresolved issue of the use of my Lou Lenart bio. Since that resolved comfortably, I went back and edited the post. Although I don’t like editing posted content, what Google was picking up was not fair.

(Watch closely as I cleverly segue….)

I’ve been covering the Net for a dozen years, but I don’t understand how my 101 blog ranks so highly on some fairly ordinary searches. Saul and the company don’t have much of a Net presence, so my site’s prominence in a search for their names isn’t surprising.

I can’t understand some other results. I only get a dozen or two hits per day, and only four or five other sites out there link to me. There’s no reason 101 should be Google’s second highest ranking for “narcotic nose itch”, or third for “mice and tendonitis”, or seventh for “things to do tomorrow”.

That’s just strange.

Back to script work

Alex wants me to write a three-page synopsis of one of his feature screenplays for submission to a Canadian writing prize. While I appreciate the confidence he must have in me, it’s a daunting responsibility.

Alex was also surprised to learn recently just how little TV I watch.

The only shows I make a point to watch are “House”, “Arrested Development”, “My Name Is Earl”, “Corner Gas”, and “The Simpsons”. When the sequel to “The Tournament” comes out, I’ll certainly watch that, too. The first miniseries was hilarious, and was filmed in part at the arena I play at.

Shows I’ll watch if they’re on while I flick through channels: “Family Guy”, “Scrubs”, “King of the Hill”, “Trailer Park Boys”, and “Myth Busters”. I used to watch a “Law and Order” every lunch hour on Bravo, all repeats.

I’ll also watch anything with tanks or airplanes or guns in it. My presets include the Military Channel, the History Channel, etc.

I’ve watched a few “Dead Like Me” recently, but mostly because the lead is so odd looking.

Hockey, baseball, and NFL will also park my bottom on the couch, but not with any regularity.

You know those analyses that find that the Net has cut into TV watching? I’m Exhibit A. Well, the Net and three kids and four jobs….

Nearmiss and I have submitted our final draft. A surprisingly high number of the other pairs either broke up or otherwise failed to turn in a script.