Opportunity knocks

Last night, a Hollywood type contacted me about hiring me to do some research for a documentary. He wasn’t explicit, but I assume he meant work on 101 Squadron. He wrote that Soly Haim had passed my name to him. I’m not sure if this is Soly’s Lou Lenart project or not.

The man (who will remain nameless for now) has legitimate credits. He seems to be primarily an aerial photographer, but his credits extend from airline commercials to NASA projects to high-budget features. At least, those credits are on his CV. IMDb does match on one film, so I suppose there’s no need to be paranoid.

He asked me how much I would want in pay, and I wrote back that he would need to detail what he wanted. I couldn’t even gauge whether to charge by hour, per word, or as a flat fee. I’m not even sure if he would want me to travel to California for this.

More as this develops….

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