As in hurricane.

My father’s note, sent Monday morning:

I woke up around 6 this morning and was a little surprised to hear the wind blowing out there at that force and so early. It was forecast to pass north of us around 2 PM today. I haven’t yet checked all the sources, but since it is huffing and puffing from the south, I’m guessing it got larger in area and probably upgraded to a Cat 3. As it tracks north of us, the winds will shift to the west and start diminishing.

In any case, it was a VERY good decision yesterday morning to fly the plane down to Nassau for tie down. An additional distance of 125 miles from the storm is a wonderful idea and more importantly, Nassau airport is not subject to surges or flooding. It was in fact a beautiful day for flying yesterday.

The patio is clear, loose jalousie windows supported by either 2 x 4’s or 4 x 4’s, and I think I’ll go have coffee and take some pictures. It very comfortable with the air conditioning; it is quite hot and humid. We will experience a severe cold front right behind the hurricane, dropping temperatures and bringing extremely dry air. It will be beautiful again!

More later when and if able. No desire yet to go back to shovelling snow!

This morning, he phoned me, and I sent out this e-mail for him:

Hurricane Wilma passed through Freeport overnight, and my father left a message for me to pass on.

Predictions had called for 50 mph winds, but the winds hit at hurricane strength.

Don and Marion are fine, but their roof is not. They lost the roof over their bedroom, but the house’s windows all remain intact. Don’s car, on the other hand, lost its windshield.

They have no power at the moment. Yesterday was 88 degrees, but the overnight low was only 58. (Tonight, the expected low is 48. – L) Fortunately, it’s dry so Don and Marion don’t have to worry about being rained on.

All in all, my father sounds cheery.

I wonder if the snow is any more attractive today.

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