One in the bag

JOUR 202 came to a close today. I still have two classes to teach in JOUR 319 because of the vagaries of classes scheduled on Mondays.

I have signed on with the agglomeration of screenwriters to which Nearmiss recommended me. Part of the application was a ten-page screenwriting sample. I sent in a bit from Sheep’s End, from the assault on the bandit camp to the encounter with the old man. (Sound like Dungeons & Dragons? Well, if you like D&D;, you will love “Sheep’s End”. It’s what a good D&D; movie would be like. Feel free to ask to read it. It will only cost you some notes of the not-bank kind.)

Anyway, Ian the big boss guy loved it, “very impressed”, he wrote. Silver Pictures, are you listening? Ian offerred me work right away. So “By the Book” may go by the wayside. Until that’s firmed up some, I’ll continue to plot out “Book”.

Alex has graciously geared down on the work he had for me. It’s a slow period and I asked him not to look for make-work projects while I get down to my own writing. Working for him is teaching me a lot, is making me contacts, and is a blast, but it takes time away from my own writing.

Bonus Google search of the week:

The latest, greatest search to forward someone to my page is “a ten letter word that starts with e that is a part that closes the path to food to the trachea and lungs”.

This stuff cracks me up. And why the heck is someone who can’t think of “epiglottis” working on crossword puzzles?

(OK, folks – how many guessed “esophagus”? Losers! That is anatomically wrong, and only has nine letters.)

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