“By the Book” progress

I have a few problems with my sketch outline. This is a step before a treatment, more a series of notes that outline the story rather than what is typically called an outline, usually a beat by beat measure of the scenes.

My original ending leaves the main character unsympathetic. Maybe that’s OK. More seriously, I’m having trouble getting there. Third-act difficulties are new to me; typically I suffer the more common second-act blues. I just have to slog through it for now. I have plenty of time for changes before the treatment is due in March.

I’ve also noticed that the story seems to switch focus. I start with the male lead and gradually pay more and more attention to the female lead. I don’t think that’s a problem if I can craft the third act to return focus to the male. The emphasis on the female lead is a subplot, then. Again, however, it puts pressure on my third act.

Today’s a day of thinking and perhaps writing if the solution comes to me.

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