Hello, Silicon Valley!

Well, I made it to Sunnyvale. I arrived at my sister-in-law’s about half an hour ago. In an hour I drive to San Francisco airport to pick up the wife and kids.

I have nothing pithy to say other than to note that it seems impossible to find an aviation magazine in airports these days.

That’s not entirely a bad thing. I got the first act of “By the Book” outlined on the (second) airplane.

Ummm…. Do none of you Windows users see the Google ads and sidebar links or this specific to my sister-in-law’s desktop?

3 thoughts on “Hello, Silicon Valley!

  1. I have a 19-inch monitor and Windows XP. When I view your site through https://101squadron.com/2005/12/hello-silicon-valley.html, I see the google adds and sidebar in the right place. When I look at your site https://101squadron.com/blog, then the google ads and sidebar are pushed down because (I think) the “one page” post from December 14th is too wide to coexist with your sidebar, so it gets pushed down.

    You probably have a large monitor at home, and that’s why it resolves okay for you. Other bloggers (like Dead Things on Sticks) have this problem too. When I see it, I know they’re the ones with the big monitors!

    Welcome to the Bay Area! Today was beautiful, wasn’t it? Set a bunch of records. It was like 75 degrees in San Jose. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain.

    San Francisco

  2. I keep my browser window relatively small – about 800 pixels wide – even on my huge monitor. And I’m writing this on my tiny Windows laptop, upon which the sidebar stuff does show up.

    I think the effect may be an artifact of my sister-in-law’s security settings. Her machine may not allow third-party CSS (Blogger.com in this case) or the Google ad JavaScript.

  3. Right now, I don’t see them in the top right corner, but as shecanfilmit said, your whole sidebar has been pushed down, and I DO see it there.

    And usually, I see it where it’s supposed to be.

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