My electronics are revolting

I have been the victim of some serious malfunctions in my office.

Yesterday, I sat down at my desk to find that my 21″ CRT monitor is ill. Along the left and right margins, the top third of the picture gets fuzzy as it goes up. The fuzziness on the left is orange and on the right is cyan. An additional symptom is ghosting of the image, particularly annoying in the top fifth of the screen.

Curiously, the orange/cyan effect is identical to the colour separation I get at extreme edges of my eyeglasses. If I look out the outer edge of the lens, I get the same orange ghosting; looking out the inner edge, things appear cyan. In fact, if I rotate my head 45 degrees away from the monitor and shift my eyes to look at it, the glasses compensate for the malfunctioning monitor.

This is an old monitor, and it’s going to cost a fortune to replace. I can’t work with my head at that angle.

A less expensive, but more annoying problem is the new cartridge of black ink in my Epson all-in-one printer/scanner/copier/coffee-maker. The ink just won’t flow. Sure, if I carefully remove the cartridge and shake it up, it will print four or five perfect pages – but I can’t keep doing that. It just tempts fate. I will end up with ink flooding the inside of the printer.

The least important and most fixable problem is a loose wire in my Thrustmaster RCS rudder pedals. It’s a simple matter to solder the wire back onto the pot, but first I need to find my soldering iron…. Without rudder pedals, I can’t play WarBirds, but I don’t need them for a tank in WWII Online, so it’s not a total crisis. In fact, I’m proud of two exquisite shots I made last night with the 75mm gun in my Panzer IV Ausf G. Twice I made first-shot kills on moving British tanks at a range of 1.8 km. I’m a proud grognard.

Bonus Google trivia:

Somebody found my site through a Google search for “donkey chasing pooping man”. This blog is the second link. I remain proud.

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