The new monster monitor

God bless Craigslist.

I secured a never-used, never-opened GDM-5410 monitor, a Sony rebranded as a Sun Microsystems display. It has a beautiful flat Trinitron with a 0.24mm aperture grill pitch. I’m a snob, and I prefer the Mitsubishi tubes with shadow masks, but this monster will certainly do the job. I snagged it for $50 (US dollars). The full stats, and pretty gray/purple case, can be seen here.

The box says it weighs 84 lb and I don’t have a scale to verify that. I thought it would be more like 70 lb. A box of 70 lb would cost $25 as heavy baggage, above that to 100 lb will cost $50. It’s still a great deal.

A fastidious ticket agent will wield the double-whammy of oversize baggage as well – $80, I think – on top of the overweight. That will hurt, but you know what? Still worth it.

One thought on “The new monster monitor

  1. Thanks for posting that link. I live in Canada and have been looking for some good Grade A monitors and they have them at really cheap prices and with free shipping! This made my day 🙂 Prices here are as cheap as ebay and they seem more reliable, and i’m sure package their items better too.

    Thanks for the lead 🙂

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