Not Bill but Webs’s excellent adventure

I’m no Josh Friedman, but the frequency of my posts slowed this weekend. I finished the beat-sheet/outline of “By the Book” Friday and spent Saturday helping my friend Stuart set up his home for his New Year’s Eve wedding. The crowd was a good one, as was the food (Stuart is a foodie), but the bride’s choice of music could have used a good dose of Webs.

Just about the only dance-able songs on her iTunes playlist – remember, this was a Silicon Valley wedding – were “Like a Virgin” and the typical wedding crap like Kool & the Gang.

Webs DJ’d college parties in the ’80s and clubbed the ’90s into oblivion, so he knows his music. (No, my New Year’s resolution is not to talk about myself in the third person; this post is just turning out that way.) Once most everybody left, the hired babysitters came out to party and we managed to bop by switching back and forth between some live streams of ’80s music. God bless Dead or Alive.

I spent intermittent moments of the weekend talking to Bill’s phone service. I never did reach him, so I decided to hunt down Arthur on my own. A Google search revealed his home address, the place where he interviewed me for Netsurfer’s beginnnings. I had remembered the street, but not his address – but Arthur put that address in early NSDs, some of which are still on the Web.

Arthur wasn’t home, and his full mailbox indicated that he hasn’t been home for weeks. He’s probably away for the holidays.

Other than a tour of the Sunnyvale/Santa Clara area, my trip only revealed that he’s living in the same place. Oh, and I got a nifty “sueded microfiber” olive-green shirt at T.J. Maxx.

Over e-mail Bill has pledged to continue to support Netsurfer with hardware and bandwidth only, same as before.

Questions remain, however. Could use the NSD name and other business aspects of, well, the business without Arthur’s consent? What is the status of copyright on the NSD archives? Then there’s the question of access to the mailing list.

And that’s square one. We can’t proceed until we get Arthur to respond.

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