Nearmiss and I have until the weekend to come up with loglines and synopses for four shorts. We IM’d this morning and already have three ideas to work on: working titles are “Weeping with the Fishes”, “Dead Grandmother”, and “Bad Hockey”.

On top of that, Marior wants us to rewrite “Time and Space” so that the key scenes take place on a hill instead of on a rooftop. I have nothing against rewrites, but the driving force behind this one is his inability to easily find a roof. The rooftop scenes work because of the roof-access door and the parapet around the roof, so I’m spending the time finding a place to film remotely. This looks promising.

With a little effort, it’s just not that hard to find a roof. Makes me wonder about the rest….

Casting call II

Our director had such overwhelming response to his Craigslist casting call that he pulled it down after two days.

This is what it said, unedited. (I just noticed he asked us to edit it. Oops.)

We are making a short, no budget, 10 minute long, Sci-Fi film which might be incorporated into a feature length movie.

We are looking for actors, and we are also looking for crew, and post production people.


SHELDON, 33, intelligant college drop-out nerd.
MOM, 50-ish, matronly
TIBOR, 20, younger version of Sheldon
CASS, 20s, sexy goth girl
WEREWOLF GUY, 20s, tattooed, (but not necessary), long haired, bad boy type
TEEN BOYS 1 and 2, into comics
GRETCHEN, 70s, demented
ALIEN BEINGS 1 and 2, Tall and big, muscle-bound perhaps


TWO CAMERA GUYS, if you have a video camera, 24p, and are experienced. Got a stabilizer or tripod?
MAKE-UP PERSON, if you have experience
WARDROBE PERSON, are you a seamstress?


We need a place to audition and rehearse, so you have a room and/or BACKYARD, or office space near the South Van Ness area and would be willing to let us use it we would be most appreciative.

We need these locations for the shoot-

SHELDON’S BEDROOM- If you just have a bedroom with lots of light, great. If you have a bedroom with these things in them even better; messy- clothes all over, text books, science books, sci-fi posters, especially goldfish bowl and/or snake and lizard aquariums

MOM’S KITCHEN- with breakfast nook area

ROOF TOP- We need access to a roof top with accessible by stairs with door. The roof should have a brick parapet (small wall around roof). Building must look like it could have gargoyle statues on it. (if it doesn’t, a gargoyle will be provided, but the building must look like a gargoyle is not out of place.)

If you know of a location like this and have access to it, let us know.


VIDEO EDITOR, experienced


If you fit any of these positions, or not, or know of these locations, or would just like to wish us luck, please contact us. This a no budget short film being made for the fun and experience. If you would like to be considered for future productions please contact this poster. We will let you know when and where we hold auditions.

Thank you.

Nearmiss wrote me today. A different producer wants to hire us to write a short or four for this summer’s festival circuit.

Dang. I may soon be able to say I’m a paid screenwriter. I’ve found that the local pros I’ve met at schmoozefests and elsewhere are remarkably welcoming of amateurs, but I can’t help feeling like a wannabe. The psychological benefit of pay will help me more than the cash itself.

Speaking of schmoozefests, Montrealers should check out the new Montreal Film Group. It’s not a writers’ group but is meant to cover all aspects of film. I can’t make the first meeting on January 31, but I expect to attend subsequent gatherings.

Casting call

This link calls up the Craigslist casting call for “Time and Space”. (Our director wrote and posted it. Ahem.) And you thought I was making it all up….

I dropped by Alex’s today to deliver a new ADSL modem. He asked about “By the Book” – a title I grow less and less fond of, by the way. He found it to be a fun idea with great characters. He suggested it should be a comedy, and he’s not the first to say that. I had planned some comic moments, but I’m not sure I could handle the genre switch. I’ll let the story take me where it wants to go.

Bonus stupidity:

My sleep schedule has been screwy since Friday. I discovered at midnight that I had prepared the wrong lecture for that Friday’s class, so I spent the next six hours getting the proper lecture into shape. Saturday, Elvi and I stayed out late. Monday, I only fell asleep at 5:00 a.m. and I woke up at 1:20 p.m.

This called for drastic measures. I didn’t go to sleep last night. I can get by fairly well without sleep, although hockey tonight may be a gear lower than usual. With any luck, I’ll come home and nod off fairly quickly.