My inaugural appearance at the Alex Epstein poker game led to a profit of about $12 after a $7 table buy-in. Screw this freelancing stuff, I’m going pro!

My gambling luck – ahem, skill is proving fruitful in the Irrational League as well. Thanks to two weeks with 1.10 WHIP, 2.78 ERA, and 13 wins, I find myself tied in first place with Frank after last night. That trade for Bronson Arroyo (0.64 WHIP, 0.72 ERA, 3 wins) is finally paying off. The third place team is a half-point back of us.

A number of categories can still swing the final standings. I’m six HRs and 0.03 WHIP back of Frank. (Officially, I’m ahead of Frank in WHIP and in sole position of the lead, but SportsLine continues to refuse to adjust Greg Maddux’s stats to the official MLB stats.)

.286 batting average (1st)
256 HR (2nd)
979 RBI (1st)
106 SB (8th)
4.31 ERA (4th)
1.31 WHIP (4th)
87 wins (1st)
30 saves (6th)

Guests have just arrived. The launch of my career as a theatre critic will have to wait until later today.

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