Big Bad Bertha

I could post the album cover, but I prefer this photo for some reason. Elvi, a.k.a. Mrs. Webs, is on the left. Gizelia, the lead singer, faces her. Doesn’t it look like they are about to kiss? It does to me. Always. In the background is feathery former band member Lyne, who plays flute.

The media release Tuesday went well. With a band of 14, more or less, so much depends on the sound mix, and Tuesday’s was superb.

The band has been interviewed by a couple of radio stations, too.

One of the journalists at the release was a young man from UQAM who hosts a ska show on the university radio station. He’d never heard of Me Mom & Morgentaler. Shocking, the ignorance of the youth of today.

See you at the DUBB Saturday night.

Oh blah di, oh blah dah

Saturday, I met with Tony the producer, whom I’d briefly met at the last Montreal Film Group (MFG) get-together. He wants to hire me as a researcher. I don’t think he expected my price to be what it is, but I’m a professional, you know. If he wants to hire a student at substandard rates for substandard work….

That sounds too catty. We got along well, and he did close our meeting with the comment that he wants to work with me if he can find the budget. He also wants to see what I’ve written, and early 2007 is fine. Thank goodness.

He does some films with kids, and he showed me head shots of his latest lead. In sunglasses, this young boy looked very much like Child Two. It was uncanny. I mentioned this, and we started discussion of my kids, and their movie experience last summer. Tony asked me to send in some photos of them, because he may have work for them. I did. We’ll see what happens with that.

The MFG is having another meeting Wednesday night, a meeting focused on pitching ideas. I plan to attend, although I’m not sure which pitch I’ll pitch and which I’ll ditch.

Wednesday is just another busy night in a long sequence. We have a houseguest, Devyn, staying with us in exchange for cleaning up the piles of stuff in our basement and garage. He’s been a big help, especially with the kids, who adore him. We went out Saturday to see some short films, part of the Festival du Nouveau Cinema. Afterward, we had a few drinks at the Shed, across the street, then tried a club called the Main, where Sheewaz used to be. The Main advertised itself as a ’90s club, but inside it was pure hip hop, uncluttered by people. It could have been ’90s hip hop – I wouldn’t know the difference. We stayed long enough to use the bathroom.

Sunday night, Elvi had her customary band practice. The Disciples of Ursula Big Band (DUBB) is launching its second album this week, Big Bad Bertha. The media launch is tonight, Tuesday. The band will play a concert for the general public Saturday, Oct. 21, at le Theatre Corona. Show starts at 8:30 pm.

Last night, we and Devyn went to see a DUBB member’s side project, les Swompards de l’Est, play a small brew pub. Thursday, I have an interview to do in the evening. Friday is free, but we have our friend Stuart from California to entertain, and that probably means we’ll all cook something up in the kitchen that night. Saturday is the DUBB show.

I’ve been busy, and the blog is lagging a bit. When I started, I promised myself not to let it go more than three days without a post. I don’t think I managed that this past week, but I’ll have more to write after the MFG meeting tomorrow.

Mouse update

I never put the traps out. I investigated and found no mouse scat, and while I was doing so, I pinpointed the sound to my window air conditioner.

Yeah, yeah, I’m taking it out soon.

The point is, I think either some animal was inside the air conditioner or is trying to make a winter nest. Elvi thinks the sound was dripping water inside the machine.

Either way, I won’t have any more mouse heads to stick on metaphorical pikes.